June 27, 2022

📷 Ethan Eisenhard

You don’t sweat out here, we’ll you do, but it’s hot enough to dry it up before it hits the ground.

The state of red rocks, dry desert, the Grand canyon, rattlesnakes, and enough water make it work. I’ve been coming out here since I was about 10 years old. I wrote a book about it when I was in Elementary school called “My trip to AZ”. I guess I always had a little publishing in me 😂

I think I’m attracted to the heat, even when it zaps and dehydrates my body, theres an addiction to get back out into the hot air. You don’t sweat out here, we’ll you do, but it’s hot enough to dry it up before it hits the ground.

Sedona Red Rocks!

Sedona, Arizona

Saguaro Lake / Toms Thumb Trailhead

Mountain Biking in Hawes Arizona!

Mountain Biking in Hawes Arizona

I love to lift weights in the sun. Anywhere, anytime, and in Arizona it becomes tougher. I like it. I embrace the dry heat. It’s challenges, pushes me away, but I fight back and push through it.

My favorite spot in Arizona is Flagstaff. I like the community, location, and culture. Its surrounded by pine mountains, gives you all four seasons, and fun people to meet.

I stay in Scottsdale with my family and have fallen in love with the McDowell preserve. A backyard playground of marble boulders, tough trails, desert fauna, and the famous Toms Thumb.

Toms Thumb at Sunset!

Toms Thumb at Sunset a

I got to explore more areas this trip like Sedona and Payson. I scrapped my knuckles going OTH and slide out my bare shoulders on my bike in Sedona. Dan, a man I met on the trials, said, “when you fall…that’s when you know your having fun”. I’ve grown to love the extreme and the focus it requires. Plus I enjoy learning the engineering mechanics of a bike.

Oh and I got a new truck.

Tacoma at Sunset!

Me in front of the Tacoma in Sedona

My feet could use more sun 🤣🤣

It was an emotional ride. My car broke down on my way to New Mexico. I was towed from the Mongolian Rim to Payson then down to PHX. The dealership told me it would require a lot of work to fix, more than it was worth. I felt stranded and saw two options.

  1. Fix car
  2. Trade in car for a new one

I chose two.

I think if I had been more thoughtful, I would have gotten another opinion on my car. Turns out that Nissan dealership didn’t have a great reputation…

I traded the car and got a Tacoma. My plan was to get an American truck, Ram or Ford, but the dealerships I went to didn’t have any in stock.

I wonder why I didn’t go to more dealerships later…I think I was excited to have a vehicle again and wasn’t thinking clear.

That said, it took me about a month to comes to terms with my decision. I tend to get buyers remorse and I think I could have kept my composure more during the the dealership transaction.

I’m learning that composure comes with practice and preparation.

Now boarding a plane to PHL where I plan to spend the second half of the summer celebrating with friends and family. I write this with a smile.

Tacoma at sunrise in Sedona!

Tacoma at sunrise in Sedona

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