The Elimination Diet

Aug 16, 2022

📷 Ethan Eisenhard

I ate sugar tonight. I didn’t want to.

I ate sugar tonight. I didn’t want to. The chocolate cake pop was better than the blondie cake pop. I rushed to the bathroom, brushed my teeth, and got all the sugar out of my mouth.

I don’t buy and I try not to eat processed sugar because it makes body hurt. My brain feels slower, my stomach queasy, and my skin breaks out. But when it’s presented, for those 15 seconds of mouth pleasure, I sometimes cave.

I started my first elimination diet when I went to Italy. My stomach was having problems and I couldn’t enjoy the trip. I realized it had to do with diary when I ate ice cream and felt horrible instantly. So I eliminated dairy.

We landed in Switzerland I switched to a grilled chicken, bread, and avocado diet. My stomach recovered and I felt great. I also noticed my skin got much better.

We arrived in the United States and I eliminated gluten. It felt good but I didn’t like the gluten free bread, I never felt full, and my energy was low. I went back on gluten, still sometimes bloated, but with more energy.

The next elimination was alcohol which came after a fun night out drinking at the bar in NH. I woke up with a major headache, with pain behind my eyes, and a sick feeling. I also get an allergic reaction, bloated feet, so it was always hard to enjoy drinking.

My latest elimination is seed oils and sugar. I watched a video online and read articles about the negative effects of seed oil and sugar. I decided it would be interesting to try since I had great success with dairy and alcohol. And it has been incredible!!

I have seen amazing results!! I feel great, I got leaner, stronger, skin cleared up, and my favorite, tan! Seed oils have been linked to cause sunburn 🥵. I haven’t had a burn or pealing all summer without applying sunscreen!! I have spent as much time in the sun as possible!! My energy is high!!

Now you know what I don’t eat, here is my list of what I do!! As much as possible I like to cook my food so I can ensure quality control.

  • Breakfast: Four pasture raised egg scrambled in a leafy green, (organic arugula, spinach) on bread without seed oils, sugar, or preservatives. Fresh avocados, seed oil free hummus on the side, and sauerkraut.
  • Lunch: Pasture raised chicken, leafy green, bread.
  • Dinner: Grass fed and finished beef, leafy green, mushrooms, bread

Fruit with any meal or in between meal, great substitute if you are skipping a full meal.

Snacks: RX bar, Larabar

I am trying two meals per day, but only if I am not hungry in the morning or I’m not going to be outside working all day. I do try not to eat three hours before I go to bed but if I am hungry at night I will eat fruit or vegetables.

Today, I feel like I am in the best shape of my life!! Last weekend, I ran 10 miles, biked 6 miles, then paddle boarded in the ocean!!

People ask me why I feel the need to eliminate foods, as if something is wrong and needs to be fixed, my answer is “it could always be better”.

Mirror selfie haha 😂!